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How can you use “amorphous” in a sentence? How to use amorphous in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word amorphous? 110. amorphous Sentence Examples. use "amorphous" in a sentence Soloway and her husband were in an amorphous process of separating, which is ongoing. Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: We have observed that the number of β-cells varies considerably in the islets from type 2 diabetic subjects and that large areas of the islets are sometimes replaced by amorphous material (data not shown), probably reflecting fibrosis or amyloidosis.

1. 64. Sentence Examples . They are solid crystalline compounds. Soloway and her husband were in an amorphous process of separating, which is ongoing. I think the new freedom movement they started is amorphous , and it’s unclear where it’s going. Learn more.

Amorphous iron An amorphous mass begins to emerge from one of the halves. crystalline Sentence Examples. ☆ It gradually changed color to a dull, dark hue and then finally into a less formed white, amorphous … 15. B 4 C ceramics were prepared by hot-pressing with B 4 C powder and amorphous boron powder as main materials. use "amorphous" in a sentence Amorphous (or non-crystalline) silicium (a brown powder) stands in relation to the black metallic silicon-crystals just as amorphous carbon does to graphite-crystals. 3. 3. 26. It also describes the study of cathodes materials as V6O13, its derivative and amorphous vanadium oxide materials. Sentences About amorphous ☆ Indeed her mysterious motifs and amorphous shapes are grounded in the physical - the human presence in many of her works is at times overwhelming.
181 sentence examples: 1. like that ashen, fantastic figure gliding toward him through the amorphous trees. Cyclic Olefin Copolymer ( COC ) is an amorphous polymer made by several polymer manufacturers. 22.
White lead is an earthy, amorphous powder. 32. 28. Because the painting was amorphous, I had no idea what it represented. 32.

amorphous. 2. The molten silver hardens into amorphous forms; and then they are shaped into beautiful shapes. Suddenly, an unnatural wind descends upon the field and a bright, amorphous light seemingly devours the screaming Isaac. A layer of epicuticular wax covers the leaves of all terrestrial plants and this layer can be amorphous to crystalline, dense or diffuse. amorphous meaning: 1. having no fixed form or shape: 2. having no fixed form or shape: 3. having no fixed form or…. Example sentences for "amorphous" in popular movie and book plots. Amorphous titanium oxide may be obtained in a pure form. Zerodur has both an amorphous (vitreous) component and a crystalline component. Silicon deposit Even the amorphous powder of the salt causes again the formation of new watery crystals when put in a supersaturated solution. Other recurring characters include a cow, a (human) woman, and an amorphous pink blob. New ordered state between crystalline and amorphous in Ni-Cr particles. The element exists in two forms, one amorphous, the other crystalline. Then it is introduced to the fabrication of amorphous silicon solar cells as the material of window layer to obtain higher open-circuit voltage due to its wide optical gap. Physics began to emerge from the more - or - less amorphous body of scientific knowledge as an identifiable discipline. 2. The magnetic sensor has characteristics of high sensitivity and quick response due to the amorphous wires excited directly by sharp pulse train current containing amount of harmonic signals.