In 1954, Rosemary Sutcliff published a novel about Roman Britain.

Becoming a Civilian in Legio IX Hispana Legio IX has a civilian contingent—members who don't wish to be part of the military and who have an interest in the civilian aspect of Roman Britain. The historians have dissented, theorising that the Ninth did not disappear in Britain at all, arguing both book and film are wrong. It caught the imagination of an entire generation of readers with its tale of the Ninth Legion, destroyed in the mists of Scotland. Their theory has been far more mundane - … |-| Legio IX Hispana |-| is a group on Roblox owned by WolverineOwnage with 22 members.

Legio IX Hispana v kultuře Německá folk-metalová skupina Suidakra vydala roku 2006 na svém albu Caledonia píseň s názvem The IXth Legion. Those members who do portray civilians, don't portray the aristocracy, tribunes, generals, priestesses, etc. A BBC dramatisation captivated a fresh generation in