Here are 10 push up variations you can try in your home workout and 10 record holders pushing them to the limit. The record was set at the Metropolis Fremantle nightclub during the World’s Largest Pajama Party in Perth, Australia.

To complete this push up and give your chest a real working over, place your hands in a diamond shape with thumbs and index fingers touching directly below the chest. There is a world record going around. Quick, how many two-finger pushups can you do? Check out some of the coolest and quirkiest push-up world records and videos.

One Thumb Push-Ups – Aaron Virabyan from Armenia did 44 repetitions in this type and he currently holds the world record. #PP01 Dan Rollman was present to document the record. If your response is more than zero, kudos; if it’s less than 57, keep practicing. Behind the back claps Push-Ups – With 46 repetitions, Dione Solon holds the record. That’s the world record held by Armenia’s Hrachik Kostandyan. Rahim has enough energy for this and has no plans to slow down! Number one: The diamond push. “I am certain that he will continue to bring us joy with his records. Impress your friends by breaking or inventing your own push-up world records on Recently, the Guinness World Records shared a video with 10 types of push-ups that one can try especially during these days.

In the 7-minutes-38-second long video that has been shared on YouTube, one can see the types and record holders of push up styles. Keep it up!” Kadyrov added.

Dan Rollman was present to document the record. Let us know in the comments what you'll be trying or avoiding.

Build Muscle With The Push-Up Challenge >>> The competitive powerlifter and bodybuilding contestant set her sights on the women’s world record for pushups in an hour—and she smashed it. Handstand Push-Ups – Siarhei Kudayeu from Belarus clocked 51 …

The last I saw the record was at 56 With the fist distance away.. “He now holds under his belt the world record for dips, the world record for 3,000 press-ups in the 5-years-old age category, and a whole range of other impressive achievements.