Missy Booth (played by Poppy Lee Friar) came to a sad end on Ackley Bridge season three last week on Channel 4 when she died after a car crash. Missy is in Year 11 at Ackley Bridge College, which she is retaking due to dropping out for a while. Ackley Bridge is a British television drama series that follows the lives of the staff and pupils … Missy is recently in a relationship with Aaron Turner, Nasreen's half brother. Ackley Bridge viewers were left in shock last night after one of the main character's died in Tuesday's emotional episode. Ackley Bridge ’s most loved and authentic friendship looks set to be torn apart in devastating scenes as the drama picks up from the cliffhanger at the end of … Ackley Bridge has left its fans in mourning after one of the show’s original characters, Missy Booth (Poppy Lee Friar), was left dead following … Missy Booth  is Hayley Booth's older sister and is best friend to Nasreen Paracha. Just like Waterloo Road and Grange Hill before that, Ackley Bridge is a school-based drama series that takes place in the multicultural academy of the same name.