If you are in need of constituent services, would like to register your opinion on pending legislation, or need assistance with a Federal agency, please contact Adam’s district office: Phone: 818-841-2828 | Fax: 818-841-2830.

Welcome to Congressman Adam Schiff's campaign website! The Official U.S. House website of Congressman Adam Schiff of California District 28 Sirens blaze along Sunset or Hollywood Blvd constantly; in my combined three months living there during my son’s recoveries, I’ve learned to take certain backstreets to avoid the incessant emergency vehicle traffic. But it isn’t just the homelessness that is a problem. Hello, my name is Congressman Adam Schiff, and I want to welcome you to my YouTube channel. Support Adam. It happens to be part of Adam Schiff’s district. Congressman Schiff proudly represents California's 28th Congressional District. Make sure to subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss an update!