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The world of credit — cards, scores, reports, applications, interest — is a complex one.

There is a physical Apple Card, made of titanium. Your credit score will now treat it like all the others. by Ben Aqua.

Apple card approval After days of waiting for an email invite, I was doing more reading online about the apple card and saw that some where able to apply after hitting the +sign in their wallet. I know some card issuers off this as a complimentary service.

Apple Credit Card Explained: Watch BEFORE Applying for Apple Card! Sorry.

6:37. I don't know what my current credit score is, and I was wondering if Apple Card users have a way of viewing their credit card via a service offered by Mastercard (I'm assuming), or if I need to go through another service? Cancel ... Apple Card (Shop and Learn) Accessories (Shop and Learn) Gift Cards (Shop and Learn) Apple Store Open Menu Close Menu. So it’s clear how credit card processes work, how Apple Card uses your information, and how you can stay on top of it all.

An ‘iPhone-first’ credit card. I was just approved for Apple Card. If you apply for the Apple Card and get approved, the card will be loaded into your Apple Wallet — so you can begin making payments from your phone within minutes of being approved at eligible retailers that accept Apple Pay. Goldman Sachs, the bank behind Apple Card, says it is working with credit bureau TransUnion in reporting cardholder information. That’s why when we created Apple Card, we took every opportunity to simplify and educate. I decided to give it a try and boom there it is.