Both Android and Google devices can be made secure and private in nearly identical ways.

I would instead encourage you to take ownership of your own data and be responsible for your own security and privacy, in part by using Free and open source software like Linux. snowden in his podcast with joe said that the carriers and manufacturers know exactly where you are, have a log of you, what you are doing, have access to your microphone and cameras. A kid in Australia just did.

No its best to assume that Apple, Android, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter , and Tumblr are all collecting information from you which compromises your privacy and anonymity. Besides, Apple's whole caring about privacy thing is just marketing, the one thing Apple really excels at. To get there, it’s four clicks from the main page and buried in the 11th subhead on the page.
Apple is the best of the 3 but they still don’t come close to Linux in terms of privacy. especially on mobile phone because of its mobile nature. r/apple: An unofficial community to discuss Apple devices and software, including news, rumors, opinions and analysis pertaining to the company … Press J to jump to the feed. i know apple is much much safer to use than android phones but the privacy on the iphone is still compromised regardless of what apple says. Current setup is: Surface Pro, Alienware 15, iPhone 7 I used Protonmail for email, OneDrive for cloud storage, OneNote for notetaking, iCloud for contact list. Apple can definitely access iCloud accounts. Apple hides the data request deep inside the privacy section of the website. Hey r/Apple, I build a Reddit app for iOS called Apollo, you all have been really nice in the past and provided great feedback when I've posted, so I wanted to update you about a really big update I just released that I've been working on for months: Apollo 1.8!. Is Microsoft or Apple's ecosystem better in privacy I value privacy but I need convenience the same time.

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