Hope this helps. 2. The NFL’s brand promise says nothing about football. This may seem a subtle distinction, but it is an important one. And Virgin’s promise goes a lot farther than seating passengers in airplanes. To help you build a stronger brand, read on to learn six core elements of a strong B2B brand strategy: 1. I firmly believe that customers and prospects are the true owners of the brand, while the company owns the brand promise. Maybe.

Evernote has a clear market: the busy professional who needs to stay organized.
Coca-Cola doesn’t talk about providing the best soft drinks in the world. What it takes to win in the B2B landscape today requires an effective brand strategy that cuts through all the noise, separates your brand from the sea of sameness around you, and engages your audience on a deeper level.

April 13, 2010 Last Updated: March 23, 2017 by Christopher Ryan Why Your Brand Promise Must Be Specific.

We’ve collected some of the greatest brand promise examples we’ve ever seen. HubSpot shows the genius of unifying your brand, no matter how many services or products your company may offer. Evernote.
And we all know what happens when customer-facing businesses lose sight of what’s important. Consider a new pricing or delivery model and make this part of your brand promise. Keep It Simple To us, the brand promises examples below represent a wholehearted investment in serving the needs of customers—and in going further to earn their confidence, loyalty and trust. Good brand promises, like these, talk about what these companies promise to be for you, the consumer. We first defined the terms “brand” and “brand promise.” A Brand = the place your company […] Read More › in B2B Marketing / Brand Promise / Branding 4 comments. Salesforce (on the B2B side) and Uber (on the B2C side) are good examples …

A brand promise is: “This is what we will deliver to you.” Pretty simple, right?

Best Examples of B2B Marketing in 2015 By Anna Washenko December 18, 2015 No Comments With 2015 entering its final weeks, December is a good time to reflect back on some of the year’s highlights. What the tagline is used to convey is the “brand promise” not the “brand.