Although the reason for this is not yet clear. The influence of pomegranate fruit extract in comparison to regular pomegranate juice and seed oil on nitric oxide and arterial function in obese Zucker rats. Pomegranate juice and pomegranate supplements are a popular way to get a shot of healthy goodness. The pomegranate fruit has been used for thousands of years as medicine. Yet another study shows that drinking health benefits of pomegranate concentrate daily slows the development of prostrate cancer. Research has revealed that this rather odd looking fruit, when juiced, has the potential to act as nature’s Viagra. Delays Aging. Health Benefits of Pomegranate Juice. Pomegranate juice is well known for its antioxidant potential but research suggests it may also be anti-inflammatory in action. It is almost favorite fruit of everyone. But be careful.

It appears to protect the heart and arteries. The juice of pomegranate seeds contains several different types of antioxidants and polyphenols that can promote heart health by lowering blood pressure levels. It’s not often a fruit sports specific benefits for men and women, but this happens to be one of the secrets of the pomegranate! Today, pomegranate juice is being studied for its many health benefits. Just one glass is over 100% of the calories you should be getting from sugar in a day. Several studies suggested that pomegranate juice can exert antiatherogenic, antioxidant, antihypertensive, and anti-inflammatory effects. It may help with cancer prevention, immune support, and fertility. The nutritional benefits of pomegranate are good for heart patients, you can take pomegranate juice on daily basis to improve heart functioning. Pomegranate benefits the skin and hair, and helps to maintain overall good health. Pomegranate Juice Benefits for Men. Nitric.Oxide. Since ancient times, the pomegranate has been a symbol of fertility. Best Benefits Of Pomegranate Juice. Pomegranate juice has anti-aging properties that help slow down the aging process, remove fine lines, and reduce wrinkles by preventing UV exposure from destroying collagen and mitigating the body’s inflammatory response. Pomegranate has many incredible health benefits for your body. Laboratory tests suggest that ellagitannins found in pomegranate juice can stop estrogen production – and this may help prevent breast cancer (which is usually estrogen-responsive) ( 46 ). Antioxidants are thought to provide several heart-protecting benefits, including reducing … Pomegranate juice is rich in polyphenols, which have been found to improve memory function. Below are some of the surprising health benefits of pomegranate juice. The pomegranate fruit has a leathery rind (or husk) with many little pockets of edible seeds and juice inside. Benefits Of Pomegranate And It’s Juice 1 . Very Rich In Vitamin C (One Pomegranate Provides 30% of Vitamin C ) Do you know pomegranate is highly rich in vitamin c . # 6: It has anti-inflammatory properties Pomegranate shows anti-inflammatory properties in several parts of body. Pomegranate juice is in the running as the most heart-healthy juice. Add a fruity kick to family dinner with our Pork Tenderloin and Pomegranate Chicken . Other studies have suggested a similar effect on colon cancer cells. Health benefits of drinking pomegranate juice Pomegranates are a source of fiber, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin K, and potassium.