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It's bedtime on the ISS. Long days, lots of work, physical exercise. 1:03. CSA Astronaut Chris Hadfield shows us how astronauts sleep in space. Watch this video of Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield shows how astronauts sleep in space. Sleeping and going to the bathroom in space is very different from how you would do it camping. 2:27 . My name is Chris Hadfield. Over the course of three missions, Hadfield has spent a total of 166 days in space. If I don't get to your question now, please check to make sure it wasn't answered there already. On the ISS astronauts sleep in something like a sleeping bag but it is attached to a wall so they don’t float into something. aids [Chris Hadfield – Sleeping In Space] [Chris Hadfield] Source: LYBIO.net Hi, Chris Hadfield here aboard the International Space Station. You can view a pre-flight AMA I did here.

I am an astronaut with the Canadian Space Agency who has been living aboard the International Space Station since December, orbiting the Earth 16 times per day. Chris Hadfield on How Astronauts Shave in Space by Canadian Space Agency. Chris Hadfield gets tough on Space … But how do you sleep in space?

At the end of it, your tired. Chris Hadfield's Space Kitchen by Canadian Space Agency. Tobias Tiori asked what happens to the body when it's in space for a prolonged period of time.