The European Commission is concerned that the tie-up could "significantly" reduce competition on 33 city-pairs between Canada and the 30 countries of the European Economic Area. While the airline industry is being battered by the coronavirus pandemic, this publication by the MEI shows that a dynamic understanding of competition mechanisms argues in favour of the … The company that owns Air Transat has agreed to be taken over by Air Canada for $13 a share, following up on last month's announcement they had entered into exclusive negotiations. (Reuters) - Air Canada's proposed C$720 million acquisition of tour operator Transat A.T. Inc will result in a substantial lessening or prevention of competition… Canada's Competition Bureau completed (27-Mar-2020) its review on Air Canada's proposed acquisition of Transat, and found it likely to produce a substantial decline in competition, increased prices, less choice, a decrease in service and a significant reduction in travel by Canadians on routes where existing networks overlap, in particular 49 overlapping routes between Canada and … ... Air Transat and Air Canada both work in both official languages. Air Canada's bid for Canadian tour operator Transat AT Inc may result in higher prices and less choice for flights between Europe and Canada, EU … Summary: Competition bureau says that the merger would eliminate or reduce competition for air travel and vacation packages. Transport Canada makes the final decision based on several reports. A report released Friday by the Competition Bureau concluded the merger “is likely to result in substantial anti‑competitive effects through the elimination of rivalry between Air Canada and Transat in the areas of overlap between their networks.” The conclusion was reached before the effects of the pandemic were known. The Competition Bureau submitted its report on March 27, 2020 coming out against Air Canada’s proposed acquisition of Air Transat, which has otherwise already been approved by shareholders. However the report has no legal bearing on the merger. MONTREAL -- The Competition Bureau's warning about Air Canada's proposed takeover of Transat AT Inc., which owns Air Transat, should be taken in context, analysts say. Air Canada-Transat tie-up faces European competition scrutiny - Air Canada's proposed acquisition of Transat AT, the parent of leisure carrier Air Transat, is to face scrutiny from European competition regulators.