This principle applies only to the large-scale properties of the universe, but it does imply that the universe has no edge, so… Forces are expected to act uniformly throughout the universe. In modern physical cosmology, the cosmological principle is a prediction based on the idea that the universe is about the same in all places when viewed on a large scale. Kids Encyclopedia Facts.

Other articles where Cosmological principle is discussed: big-bang model: The second assumption, called the cosmological principle, states that an observer’s view of the universe depends neither on the direction in which he looks nor on his location. The cosmological principle derives from the Copernican Principle but has no foundation in any particular physical model or theory, i.e. Both facts are linked to what is called the cosmological principle. The anthropic principle is a philosophical consideration that any data we collect about the universe is filtered by the fact that, in order for it to be observable in the first place, it must be compatible with the conscious and sapient life that observes it. Cosmological principle facts for kids.

it can not be `proved' in a mathematical sense.