Instead, a given hit has a small chance of instantly filling up the mana bar. You feel like you earned that plus item by mastering the past area and you now have a little bypass to skip the white and green leveled enemies. 3 months ago. Uses [edit | edit source].

Cube World's full release has a similar thought process executed in an extremely unique way. It creates an environment where each new region is a new experience. Their Ultimate is different too; the Sniper makes a clone of themselves that copies their attacks, while the Scout gets a temporary buff to … I just wanted to show a little comparison between sniper and scout. Scout's Swiftness is the Ranger's third skill, able to be learned only by the Scout specialisation and not the Sniper.Five points need to be put into Retreat to be able to learn Scout's Swiftness..

Of course you can get plus items and those are an added bonus to going to a new area. The Scout doesn't get the damage ramp-up of the Sniper. I prefer Scout over Sniper, I feel more comfortable with it and I had way better results in terms of kill speed compared to Sniper. Personally I like Scout. The Quicksand Trap is excellent.