Haha just kidding, that would be weird.

And though you’ll want to play games in return (“Okay, so for each hour he made me wait for his reply, I’m going to wait for two hours to reply to him…”) you should give a relatively prompt reply … I have a tendency to add random girls especially if they're hot but sometimes I get that question, I know they … "Do you know … to you. In this case, person B decides to respond with I’m well. This is grammatically the most correct way to respond, but as we’ll see later, it’s not the only way. is an idiomatic expression that could be used when you can't recognize a stranger who says "Hi!" Easy. Just tell her you are at the same school and ask her if she wants to meet you and talk in the hall. Depending on tone and intonation, it could be interpreted as cold rejection uttered to avoid him/her or friendly gesture to ask him/her to elaborate on where/when/how they met before. say : of course you know me, everyone does. Notice that he uses the adverb well as a modifier for the verb to be (which becomes I’m).. as a standard greeting. "Do I know you?" You say who you are and how you know them. Here, person A uses the question How are you? Please don't be … I've had to send that message (or similar) to a few people, and that's how I would like them to respond! How do you respond when a girls say "Do I know you?" It’s customary to respond, but it’s not always necessary.