Earthquakes reports. Earthquake report, November 26, Mw 6.4 Albania earthquake. Created July 6, 2019 Last update July 8, 2019 07:50 By Armand Vervaeck Have you felt the shaking? Turkey earthquake death toll hits 38.

Newer Post Older Post Home. In Southern California, just North of the Garlock fault a magnitude 7.1 earthquake occurred on 6 July 2019 at 3:19 UTC. A 6.4-magnitude earthquake rocked southern California July 4. Guide of the month: January 2018. Earthquake report, September 21, Mw 5.6 Albania earthquake. If Yes, tell us by using the I FELT IT form behind the earthquake or at the bottom of this page. 1- M6.4 ALBANIA on November 26th 2019 at 02:54 UTC. In the following diagram we can see Ecuador Earthquake Predictions for the period of July 2019. ... Nepal, the aftershock measured 4.6 ML with its epicentre in Bhaktapur. Preliminary report of the M6.4 earthquake in Albania on November 26th 2019. M 7.1 Earthquake Southern California.

Kathmandu, Nepal July 06 2019 Kathmandu, Nepal, july 6, 2019: A jolt of strong earthquake of 4.6 magnitude rattles Kathmandu valley and adjourning districts on Saturday afternoon . Cuba 8:53am Jan 29, 2020. The earthquake occurred at 4:16 pm leave the panic as it was stronger one after the devastating Gorkha earthquake … The US Geological Survey says a powerful magnitude 7.7 earthquake has struck south of Cuba and north-west of Jamaica. Traveling gives us the opportunity to disconnect from our regular life. Detailed of the earthquake is yet to receive. last updated 7 July 2019, 12:19 UTC.

It was the largest earthquake to occur in California in 25 years. Preliminary report on the M5.2 Magoula, Greece earthquake. For this period we can observe that there is a Higher* probability to have an earthquake >4R in Ecuador on 6th, 12th and 22nd July 2019 are possible and …