However it is Fallout and does scratch the Fallout itch. I'm level 143 for reference and when I marsupial jumped atop next to him (he was actually on the bonnet, so not mutated I assume) I heard a headset mic frantically being switched on and then a guys voice calmly says "Uh, I think I'm stuck" and I was like lmfao yes, yes you are. Fallout 76 isn’t perfect. It has been affected by greed. after going through the new content og Bethesda, here is the fallout 76: wastelanders review - our thoughts on the new story and how it plays out. [ Review ] Fallout 76: Wastelanders I don’t frequently do reviews for game patches but I feel like this one kind of deserves it for a couple of reasons: first off, it was practically a meme to hate on Fallout 76 ; secondly, this patch was almost large enough to be its own separate game. The game that failed miserably at launch. Fallout 76 has improved with the introduction of Wastelanders. The new Wastelanders expansion for PS4, Xbox One, and PC online RPG Fallout 76 adds in non-playable characters, making it feel like a more traditional roleplaying game. I get 60 fps 1440p. Every gamer knows the story of fallout 76. It’s not Fallout 5. It’s actually not that bad. Chain reactions of explosions fill me with a honeyed glow of happiness. A viral tweet sent yesterday suggests that some wastelanders have vented their aggression by attacking Fallout 1st players in Fallout 76. My graphics are fine with a 1080 gtx. I stayed clear of Fallout 76 cause of the gate for ages but $30 is not a lot of money.