( ECHO, 19 Jul 2019 ) Across Nepal’s southern border, 13 districts have been hit by severe flooding in the Indian state of Bihar, leaving 41 people dead. The 2019 Nepal Floods were a series of flash floods that affected widespread areas of Nepal. Heavy rainfall on account of the monsoon season began on the 11th of July and caused disruption in many areas, specially in Province No. Nepal has only 0.67 doctors and nurses per 1,000 population, which is far short of the World Health Organization’s recommended density of 2.3 health personnel per 1,000 population (Mishra et al., 2015). The flood-struck areas were short of basic medical supplies. In Nepal on Monday, there was speculation in the news media about whether some of the flood risks had been exacerbated by factors like climate … A shortage of water and food in those areas is compounding these problems. The Nepal Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) and Nepal Survey Department report that 11,839 are displaced. 1 . 2 and Province No. In the last 7 days, 92 landslides and 83 floods have affected the country. Severe flooding was seen in many regions, especially in the Terai area and Kathmandu . Flood-hit Nepal has appealed to the international agencies for help to prevent the possible water-borne diseases and to ensure proper health services to the tens of … South Asia – Flood Death Toll Mounts in India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh 18 July, 2019 Over 250 people have died in South Asia over the last few days after torrential monsoon rains caused flooding and landslides India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh.