by Anonymous April 27, 2003. get off: [verb - intransitive] to kiss passionately; " make out ".

ting, gets v. tr. Dude, that bitch just flipped me off! Get the Flip off neck gaiter and mug.

To come into possession or use of; receive: got a cat for her birthday. 3. flip off unknown. I got really mad at steve and I flipped him off! b. To go after and obtain: got a book at the library; got breakfast in town. 4 be cut off a) if a place is cut off, people cannot leave it or reach it …

b. The US has threatened to cut off economic and military aid.

Also known as "giving the finger".

— Paul Egan, Detroit Free Press , "GOP lawmakers say they have …

To meet with or incur: got nothing but trouble for her efforts. 552 129. When you make a fist and extend your middle finger with the back of your hand pointing toward the person you intend it for. transitive (get off something) to stop talking about a subject because you have become interested in talking about something else She was telling me about her family , but then we got off the subject .

This definition is questionable and is pending deletion.

Let off definition is - to allow (someone) to get off a bus, an airplane, etc.. How to use let off in a sentence. 1. a. 3 get cut off TCT to suddenly not be able to hear someone that you were speaking to on the telephone I don’t know what happened – we just got cut off. told him to get off for home before it got dark breakfast helps you get off to a good start in the morning Recent Examples on the Web The daughter of a prominent politician in Malaysia flouted a nationwide …

1. She got off with that guy last night at the party. A sort of "fuck you" gesture.

2. a.
To go after and bring: Get me a … It will be saved from deletion if legitimate citations are found. Recent Examples on the Web Hernandez and Stamas said their committees must sign off before the third pot of money can be spent.