I also agree though that there isn't (to my knowledge) a GUI for modifying the xorg configuration file.

GNOME-Xorg benchmarks, GNOME-Xorg performance data from OpenBenchmarking.org and the Phoronix Test Suite. This is caused by manjaro workaround of a gnome “feature” (bug). Not sure if this caused by the kernel or gnome. Though that sounds like it might be a helpful tool. gnome shell may sometimes die when waking from suspend. Thanks in advance! when i enter password and select gnome on xorg and press enter, a black screen came for 2 seconds and then back to login screen, same with others except gnome is perfectly fine.

[SOLVED]How to run gnome-xorg session instead of gnome-wayland session Hi guys, Like many of ArchLinux users after upgrade to Gnome 3.22, I'm having problems with my icons, my desktop icons/folders and some applications that don't support wayland.

Is there a setting to make GDM on 18.04 launch GNOME as a child process instead of (presumably) disowning it? The GTK+ Wayland backend needs to be completed (the clutter one too) X dependencies in the desktop infrastructure need to be replaced by Wayland equivalents.

It reduces ram usage by a few hundred Mb, by killing the extra Xorg server that gdm is running on the background. Choose the desktop/gnome profile instead of desktop/gnome/systemd if you want to use GNOME with OpenRC. Gnome edition does this by default I think; Disable tracker. This can be disabled if you don’t like it. Use xorg instead of wayland; Have a postlogin script kill gdm after starting desktop, because gdm runs a extra xorg server just for fun.

Making GNOME work on Wayland can happen in several independent steps: GNOME shell needs to be turned into a Wayland compositor . Please don't accidentally choose a different releases (17.0 vs 17.1, etc) profile without doing the relevant migration work. If I do the same on 18.04, GNOME sticks around, but GDM stops.

System->Preferences->Monitors Will only work when it's using xorg drivers that it supports xrandr, etc. Gnome wayland is working perfectly fine, problem is with gnome on xorg and gnome classic. There is a disable-tracker package in the repos; Make sure msm and pamac-updater are not autostarted.

OpenRC is once again supported for running GNOME on Gentoo. On 16.04, whatever display is launched launches as a child process of the DM, so if I run systemctl stop lightdm (or gdm), Unity/Xorg dies with it.

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