Governor Pryce is a risky but potentially game-winning addition to Star Wars Armada. Fire When Ready Podcast. Star Wars Armada at Board Game Geek.
Docking Bay 416. This card, designed by Jonathan Reinig, the 2015 World Champion, is a tough one. WWPD Armada Index. One build I look forward to trying out is an Imperial II -class Star Destroyer with Governor Pryce, Gunnery Team, Spinal Armament, and … Discord Server -

Restrictions – She cannot be used on small ships, and at first glance, seems to be very powerful on an ISD.

Armada Ship and Expansion Info Spreadsheet. Cannot Get Your Ship Out Blog.

Let’s dig into how you might use this card. Fab's Fleet Generator. Discord _____ Fleet Builders. Governor Pryce revealed today for Star Wars Armada Check out my website!

In it we got a very interesting glimpse of a new officer, designed by 2015 World Champion Jonathan Reinig, Governor Pryce. This means Governor Pryce’s opportunity cost is rather negligible. FFG's Armada FAQ. Intensify Forward Firepower Podcast. Armchair Admirals. Expensive and tricky to use, Pryce can still be rewarding. SWAFT - Star Wars Armada Fleet Tool. We got another article today about Armada’s Wave 7 from the new article today, from FFG.
Continuing their slow dribble of teasers and new info on the next Armada wave, Fantasy Flight Games have revealed the new Governor Pryce.