Many menu items can be expanded to reveal subpages by clicking on the arrow (click again to collapse the menu item). Radio Spectrum Business Update - May 2020 1 May 2020. When you land on the page, you will be listening to the frequency that was chosen by the last visitor/user. Direct Allocation process is being undertaken. A Band; AB Band; Aircraft; Ambulance; C Band; D Band

If you are not presently an active ham... let NZART help you. New Zealand Scanner Frequencies. I've listened to Radio New Zealand a few times in East Tennessee. You can operate radio equipment on assigned frequencies without the need to get a licence in your own name or pay licence fees.

The licences you operate under are a General User Radio Licence (GURL) or a General User Spectrum Licence (GUSL). C4FM/ FM 144/ 430MHz Dual Band 5W Handheld Transceiver. Information for overseas radio amateurs visiting New Zealand. The Original Web-controlled Shortwave Radio - Drake R8 Communications Receiver (110 KHz to 30 MHz) located in Reston, VA USA. Back to Scanner Frequencies. 5405 kHz (common US/UK) 5403.5 kHz.

Amateur Radio Frequencies Family Radio Service Cellular Cordless Phones Canadian/US International VHF Marine Satellite Frequencie s Federal Frequencies General Frequencies Short-wave Frequencies ... New Zealand R&R Frequencies RTTY Frequencies Popular SW Bands Rescue Frequencies Common Codes . RSM news. Auction 20 Cancelled 14 May 2020. An incorporated society and registered charity, we encourage engagement with, and promote the benefits of radio, electronics, science, technology, … If you consider yourself an active ham... you need NZART now. We have AM and FM transmitters covering a large percentage of New Zealand. Originally: $179.95. I'm sure you're aware that in addition to the amateur chats there are tons of shortwave stations still listenable, some of which aren't China Radio International or a Christian broadcaster. Amateur Radio Operators GURL. Zone A UHF Number Label Rx Freq 1 OPERATIONS 496.71875 2 COMMAND 496.96875 3 LOGISTICS 497.01875 4 AERIAL APPLIANCE 497.06875 5 SAFETY 497.18125 6 BASO 498.13125 7 LIAISON Simplex 498.00625 12 ADDITIONAL OPERATIONS 501.5125 13 LIAISON DUPLEX 501.2375 14 REPEATER 1 499.775 15 REPEATER 2 499.825 16 OPERATIONAL SUPPORT 497.79375 Zone B … Navigating this website. Frequencies anyone can use. Find your region below to determine your tuning frequency.

4.1 VHF (<300MHz) 4.2 UHF (300MHz to 1000MHz) 5 Amateur Radio Bands 1 Ministry of Economic Development Radio Spectrum Management Documents; 2 Aeronautical Bands; 3 Marine VHF Band; 4 Land Mobile Bands. RNZ Pacific (RNZI) broadcasts at the following frequencies and times to different parts of the Pacific Region. Expect schedule changes from time to time to take account of propagation to our target audience. Auction 20 Cancelled 14 May 2020. NB: Every month on the first Wednesday is Maintenance day at our transmitter site from 2230 - 0600 UTC. RSM news. 5371.5 kHz. As an NZART member you support the ranks of thousands of other ham radio enthusiasts shaping the Amateur Radio service today.