Hamish MacDonald, a writer, poet and playwright, is the first to take on the two-year post and will be tasked with raising awareness of the language. He lives in Inverness but hails originally from Clydebank. Hamish MacDonald is a poet, playwright an novelist wi wirks set furth, braidcast an performed in Scots an English. He is scriever o the novel The Gravy Star an has scrievit a nummer o plays which toured throughoot Scotland an owerseas.He wis a foonder o Dogstar Theatre Company an his play Factor 9, … We also have a haunting track from Shelia K Cameron, "Last Night I Dreamed About Doris Lessing". Hamish MacDonald, poet, novelist, playwright and director of creative writing centre Moniack Mhor, talks to Ryan during a recent trip north. Hamish MacDonald is the author of four novels and an independent publisher who hand-binds all his books. Hamish MacDonald is a playwright, poet, actor and novelist. He will work on the £50,000 project - which is funded by Creative Scotland - one week each month and will be based at the National Library of … They include writers of all genres, writing in English, Lowland Scots, Scottish Gaelic, Latin, French or any other language.Please help by adding new names, using the present entry format as far as possible. This list of Scottish writers is an incomplete alphabetical list of Scottish writers who have a Wikipedia page. His fiction includes the novel The Gravy Star and a short story in Pure Ghosters, and his work for radio includes the award-winning series The Captain's Collection, while he has also written and produced four stage plays. He has lived in Canada and Scotland. Those on the list were born and/or brought up in Scotland. In 1999 MacDonald wrote and self-published his first novel. Poet and author Hamish Henderson 5 comments AS our First Minister has said, the opportunity to rebuild and reshape our society, economy and way of life is perhaps one positive – if there is to be a positive – that comes out of this pandemic. From bird to verse: Poet hails intrepid Scot who found (and ... accompanied by their Scots names and poems in Scots by Hamish MacDonald, ... up of stories from The Sunday Post every week.