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Holy Mountain, 73 m with a breathtaking panoramic view across Breiðafjordur Bay. Helgafell from Mapcarta, the free map. In January of 1973, an eruption began along a 1.5 mile (2 km) long fissure not far from the center of the town of Vestmannaeyjar.

My husband has lived at Helgafell all his life just like his father, Helgafell has been en they're family since 1880. .

The Fljotsdalsherad district in East Iceland, home to East Iceland's main town, Egilsstadir, is particularly attractive and features an abundan... View Egilsstaðir. My name is Lára and I was born in Stykkishólmur. For a long time, Helgafell was the ruling volcano on Heimaey.

The one that merged the chain of rocks to the north and Stórhöfði to the south into the present island, its classic volcano-shaped silhouette dominating the interior.

I mooved to Helgafell at 2007 Helgafell. We have six kids, two girls and four boys they are 19, 18, 15, 11, 8 and 4 years old.

Eldfell ("fire mountain" in Icelandic) is a volcano on the island of Heimaey in the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago 15 miles (25 km) south of Iceland. Helgafell is a mountain in Iceland and has an elevation of 206 meters. Poor old Helgafell is often a bit overlooked, as everyone flocks to its famous neighbour Eldfell. First of all you can call for help by pressing the red Emergency button.

The Stórhöfði peninsula immediately to the south of Helgafell in what is now southern Heimaey formed about 6000 years ago, with Helgafell forming from a secondary eruption a thousand years later.

Helgafell Holy Mountain.