If you can’t explain something simply- you may not have the best knowledge of it. Be respectful and don’t actually treat your customers like children. Tell your story and how you were able to make that individual understand what you were trying to say. We’ve become a world that communicates in two-minute sound bites and 140 characters, but how can anyone expect you to explain complex information so quickly and concisely? The average consumer is most likely not well-versed in the details of your industry or how your company operates.

Always know your audience. The ELI5 (explain it like I’m 5) Technique is simple: before sending technical instructions to a customer, read them as if you were five years old and make sure you can follow them. This can also help the employer see how much of an understanding you have of complicated situations.

To further explain your answer, you should provide at least one example in which you explained a complex issue to someone who doesn’t know anything about accounting. In the course of your work, you may sometimes need to explain technical concepts to your customers. When you're trying to explain a complicated topic to someone, it's best to play on that egocentric behavior and show what's in it for them. Well, they do – and you can. This is where you can showcase your proudest moments from your past where you really delivered. But there are those who excel at getting others to grasp even the most complicated information, and you can learn to do the same. Try using analogies to explain unfamiliar information in simple terms. You need to learn how to explain something complicated in simple terms, and the only way to get good at it is through practice.

Be prepared to give the hiring manager a complete example of a complex situation that you made simple for people who were not familiar …

When you're trying to explain a complicated topic to someone, it's best to play on that egocentric behaviour and show what's in it for them. Note: there’s an obvious caveat with this technique.