We may be much smaller in terms of economic and technology but want to be treated as equal politically,” Sood explained.

There is a lot of international collaboration in space projects. Isro also strengthened its collaboration with Academia by announcing the setting up of six ISRO Research Chairs at various institutions -- one each in the six geographically distributed zones of India -- to cater to the emerging technology development needs and incubation centres across the country. There are 15 countries working together to operate the International Space Station (ISS).
JAXA is also working on a flagship launcher, the H3, which it plans to launch in 2020.

The main objective of the RESPOND Programme is to establish strong links with academic institutions in the country to carry out We are neither an ally nor an adversary. The ISRO is also planning to launch two other missions—to study the Sun and Venus, he said. K Kasturirangan: ISRO should collaborate with other countries for human spaceflight . ISRO says there will be no collaboration with any other country for this project.

The PSLV C23 of ISRO will carry five foreign satellites from countries including France, Germany and Singapore.

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India has launched 319 satellites for 33 different countries as of 11 December 2019.

ISRO, JAXA to collaborate on future lunar missions; ISRO, JAXA to collaborate on future lunar missions The space agencies of Japan and India, JAXA and ISRO, could collaborate on future lunar missions, said the ISRO chief in a joint statement. There are advantages to collaboration. India and Japan might be in competition with each other, but we must increase cooperation to attack other competitive countries and industries,” he added.

Why countries across the world trust ISRO to launch their satellites into space The Indian Space research Organisation is fast becoming a powerful vehicle of India’s soft power.

SLV’s 45th flight had onboard micro and nano satellites from other countries including the US, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Finland, Malaysia, Netherlands and Spain. It does bring in different perspectives.

International cooperation is a strategic area for a space programme because relationships with other countries are influenced by political, economic, cultural, and human personality factors as well as scientific and technological factors. The list includes all the foreign satellited launched by India.

This is a strategic relation.

“It might be competitive with ISRO,” Okumura joked. It is scheduled to take off from the Sriharikota space port (SHAR) at the end of this month.

India has always recognized that space has dimension beyond national considerations, which can only be addressed along with international partners. As of 2019, Indian Space Research Organisation, India's government space agency is only launch capable agency in India and takes up all of research as well as commercial launches.
Before this launch, ISRO has sent 237 satellites into space for various customers.

India is unlike any other country that the US dealt with during the Cold War.