Regular club trips and adventures explore Mount Egmont, Taranaki and beyond. This climb is the most spectacular and adventurous in Taranaki but is not to be taken lightly - Mount Taranaki is more difficult and dangerous than it may appear.

Home to epic surf, spectacular gardens, great events, legendary mountain and countless outdoor and cultural adventures. When Marc-Joseph Marion du Fresne made landfall off Taranaki on 25 March 1772 he named the mountain Pic Mascarin.

Mount Taranaki (or Mount Egmont as it is also known) is a fantastic place to visit for a short day trip through to multi-day hikes. Both have been dormant since the early 17th century. On New Zealand’s north island, Mount Taranaki is second in height only to Mount Ruapehu, which peaks at 2,797 meters, or 9,177 feet, and was immortalized (along with Mount Ngauruhoe) as Mount Doom in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. Situated on two techtonic plates, the Australian Indian plate and the Pacific Plate, New Zealand is a land lifted high. Not all of New Zealand is like that of course, but a whopping seventy five percent of the landmass is either mountains or hills. These are all the mountains over 2,400 m with a topographic … Trips are organised in response to members interests. The climb up it is a gruelling 17km hike, and this is generally regarded as being one of the toughest day hikes you can do on the north island.

Introduction No matter where you are, or how long you've got, there's a walk for everyone. Hike under the shadow of Mount Taranaki or explore the green fertile lowlands and artistic culture of Taranaki, New Zealand. By means of the same Act, it was immediately passed back to the Government as a gift to the nation. Paritutu and Sugar Loaf Islands/Nga Motu are a spine of lava pushed up from a volcano and have been dated to 1.75 million years. Mount Ruapehu (/ ˈ r uː ə ˌ p eɪ h uː /; Māori: [ˈɾʉaˌpɛhʉ]) is an active stratovolcano at the southern end of the Taupo Volcanic Zone in New Zealand.It is 23 kilometres (14 mi) northeast of Ohakune and 23 km (14 mi) southwest of the southern shore of Lake Taupo, within Tongariro National Park.The North Island's major ski resorts and only glaciers are on its slopes. Mount Taranaki, also called Mount Egmont, mountain, west-central North Island, New Zealand, on the Taranaki Peninsula.The symmetrical volcanic cone rises from sea level to 8,260 ft (2,518 m) and has a subsidiary cone, 6,438-ft Fanthams Peak, 1 mi (1.5 km) south of the main crater. Egmont, in western Taranaki, is often claimed to be one of the most symmetrical volcanoes in the world, but, like Fujijama, its symmetrical cone is characteristic of andesite volcanoes all over the world. The official regional tourism website of Taranaki, New Zealand. To access the Lodge you have to walk from the road end at the North Egmont Visitors Centre car park. Geology. It should only be attempted in good weather by fit and experienced trampers with proper equipment. The mountain was returned to the people of Taranaki in 1978 by means of the Mount Egmont Vesting Act 1978, which vested it to the Taranaki Maori Trust Board. Mt Egmont/Taranaki is the centre piece of Egmont National Park and is administered by the New Zealand Department of Conservation (DoC). The club takes upto 200 people to the summit annually in summer.