The Narrow Margin is a tight and effective film noir quickie that makes the best of its characters and setting. The film basically follows a police officer as he tries to safely escorts the wife of a dead gangster on a train to Los Angeles for testimony. The Narrow Margin starts out with stock noir characters and at an efficient 72 minutes, doesn't allow them to stray very far off type, but there are a couple twists on the premise of a copper keeping a witness alive during a long train ride that make it worth one's while.

The Narrow Margin is a 1952 American film noir directed by Richard Fleischer and written by Earl Felton, based on an unpublished story written by Martin Goldsmith and Jack Leonard. The Idiot Plot, of course, is any plot that would be resolved in five minutes if everyone in the story were not an idiot. Narrow Margin is a 1990 American crime thriller film directed by Peter Hyams and released by TriStar Pictures, loosely based on the 1952 film noir The Narrow Margin.It tells the story of a Los Angeles deputy district attorney who attempts to keep a murder witness safe from hit men while traveling through the Canadian wilderness aboard a train. Narrow Margin is a 1990 thriller directed by Peter Hyams that stars Gene Hackman as a Los Angeles assistant district attorney who must protect a murder witness (Anne Archer) from hitmen while traveling on a passenger train through the Canadian wilderness.The film is a remake of the 1952 film of the same name.. The screenplay by Earl Felton was nominated for an Academy Award. The following weapons were used in the film Narrow Margin: The Narrow Margin is generally considered a "model" B picture; some film buffs go farther than that, labelling this 1952 RKO suspenser as the best low-budget studio production ever made. And rarely has there been a film in which more idiots make more mistakes than in this one.

Narrow Margin Trailer N/A IMDB: 6.6 A L.A. District Attorney is trying to have an unwilling murder witness straight back to the United States to testify against a top notch mob boss.

"Narrow Margin" is a clumsy version of the Idiot Plot, dressed up as a high-gloss chase thriller.