Packing List for a Summer New Zealand Trip. Downloadable version of the list available here.

Kiwis are quite laid-back in terms of fashion, so you can get by with jeans + a nice top in any ‘formal’ occasions you might encounter as a traveler. Packing list for one of New Zealand's Great Walks Summer is upon us and it's time to tackle a Great Walk! Answers to common questions about what to bring, recommended, dress code and how to prepare for that changeable New Zealand weather. Aug 19, 2019 - The perfect packing list for New Zealand, including clothing, hiking gear, toiletries, backpacks, and more!
The Abel Tasman Coast Track is the chosen challenge; it's a relatively easy tramping track with some great facilities at hand and fits as the perfect way to pass a few warm, sunny South Island days.. I packed a carry-on bag and backpack to New Zealand.

Here are our top New Zealand packing list items, a section on what to wear in New Zealand and what NOT to bring. When it was time for my trip to New Zealand, I debated so much on the things to bring along because I would be travelling through winter, spring and summer. Stay safe and healthy.

Things to consider: Are you going alone? 2 books because it was a long journey. The Ultimate New Zealand Packing List. Complete packing list for your New Zealand trip. It makes everything easier - getting to or from the airport, into your accommodation and around New Zealand. Things To Consider When Packing Your Bag For New Zealand. 17 Top New Zealand Packing List + What to Wear & NOT To Bring (2018). Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Recommended clothing, documents, luggage and other items. Go ahead and look at a globe; New Zealand is pretty far south, so it’s never going to be super hot. Below is what I brought and what I would leave at home if I had a time machine. I wasn’t really familiar with the weather in New Zealand either as it was my first time visiting.

I’ve been to New Zealand in the heart of summer (Dec/Jan) and in the Spring (Oct/Nov) – and both were still equally chilly! My Packing List for 6 months in New Zealand (Winter/ Spring/ Summer) Sha / September 9, 2017. Aug 19, 2019 - The perfect packing list for New Zealand, including clothing, hiking gear, toiletries, backpacks, and more! When planning for your New Zealand trip, be sure you don't overpack, and only bring the essentials. New Zealand is famous for it’s nature, so we’ve added out-and-about gear to this packing list. NZ spans several climate "zones", so it can be a surprisingly tough place to pack for. We're big fans of travelling light.