To keep in existence; maintain, continue, or prolong: sustain an effort. Related. Antonyms for sustainable. Usage: The hostess provided lunch for all the guests. Similar words: cater, supply, provide, ply. Sustain (a) Support (b) Revive (c) Believe (d) Allow. Published on February 9th, 2020 - Leave a comment. 81 synonyms for sustain: maintain, continue, keep up, prolong, keep going, keep alive, protract, suffer.

Top synonyms for maintain (other words for maintain) are keep, hold and preserve. Maintain synonyms. ',sure enough',give (someone) enough rope to hang himself',just leave well (enough) alone', Reverso dictionary, English definition, English vocabulary Subscribe .

This kind of food is not nourishing for young children. not enough to sustain life definition, meaning, English dictionary, synonym, see also 'fair enough! Antonyms for sustain. Please find the email and click 'Confirm Follow' to start subscribing. b. To keep up (a joke or assumed role, for example) competently. What made you want to look up sustain?Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible) Synonyms for sustain in Free Thesaurus. Email Address . Seen and Heard. Synonyms for sustainable in Free Thesaurus. Synonyms for sustain Synonyms for (verb) sustain. Sustain synonym. tains 1. a.

Antonyms for sustain include abbreviate, abstain, buckle, condemn, contradict, deny, deprive, disagree, disapprove and discontinue. An email was just sent to confirm your subscription. Synonyms: prolong, keep up, sustain. 2. a. Synonyms: have, get, suffer, sustain. Subscribe to brighten your future. Meaning of sustain in English: sustain. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.
verb [with object] 1 Strengthen or support physically or mentally. Definition: give what is desired or needed, especially support, food or sustenance. To supply with necessities or nourishment; provide for: the income needed to sustain a family. Sustain Synonym is? Translate sustain into Spanish.