Oh Na Na Nah Challenge Tiktok Musically Compilation | TikTok Musically 13 BEST PRANKS \u0026 FUNNY TRICKS | Funny Pranks! What you say when something is outrageous (usually accompanied with a shaking of the head or outstretched hand) Prank Wars! Your.

Na Na Lyrics: Put your hands in the air, in the air / Trigga / Put your, put your hands up in the air / Mustard on the beat, hoe / Oh na na, look what you done started / Oh na na, why you gotta Tik Tok Pranks Compilation RAINBOW STUDIO na na na na na . oh na na na na you can saddle up i'll do this rodeo wit you oh na na na na it aint all about them whips it aint all about them cuffs its all about me pullin your hair its like i'm on that but. Girl its right here (ooh) and its right now (ooh) and it won't be long before I lay you down say whoah ooh.