Azure QnA Maker helps you in Build, train and publish a simple question and answer bot based on FAQ URLs, structured documents or editorial content very quickly and easily.
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Overriding the existing QnA maker dialog implementation, your bot can use the data from the knowledge base in the service to create a richer experience for your users. QnA Entity. Note: Clicking Inspect will show you how confidently QnA Maker understands the question and is able to get the right response for it.. Once you are ready to start using it, Click Publish on the top and then the Publish button.. My first choice would actually be an App Service Plan in our ASE environment, but if that isn’t doable at least let us select one of our existing public App Service plans to … This script updates your local .lu files with any changes in made in the QnA Maker or LUIS portals, then runs dispatch refresh to update your Dispatch model with the changes.

The QnA entity now looks like below: Each QnA entity is uniquely identified by a qnaId which is persistent.

Provisioning a QnA Maker Service provisions a Public App Service App, but you are not given any control over the App Service Plan for which the App Service resides. The QnA knowledge base is flexible enough to allow you to store not only answers, but data as different text formats. Click here to view the sample code for this demo on Github

You may wish to add an additional QnA Maker knowledge base to your assistant, this can be performed through the following steps. Microsoft QnA Maker is a free, easy-to-use, REST API and web-based service that trains AI to respond to user’s questions in a more natural, conversational way. When you create a Bot using Azure Bot Service using “ QnA Maker ” template the Bot wont work unless you link the Bot Service with QnA Maker Service.

Resource Group Location: West Europe QnA Maker App service plan: West Europe QnA Cognitive service: West US. Before we see an example of how to use metadata, it's important to understand how we store the QnA data. The qnaId can be used to make any updates to a particular QnA entity. Does any have an idea on this issue. Unable to create a Knowledge base using the QnA Maker, throws "No Endpoint keys found" QnA maker service is created using ARM template. Add an additional knowledge base.

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QnA Maker helps you create a bot that conversationally answers questions covered in your documentation, like an FAQ page.