Azure Quantum enables customers to write one code that connects to any hardware advancements that come along—classical computers, quantum hardware from its partners, or its own quantum system (see above). Another big name is Microsoft. Build once and have access to a diverse set of quantum resources including pre-built solutions, quantum development tools such as simulators and resource estimation tools, accelerated classical hardware, and a variety of quantum hardware. Microsoft's quantum program is unique in that we focus on scaling each and every component of the system to deliver real quantum impact. Home » News » Microsoft Launches ‘Quantum Impact’ Video Series (Microsoft:QuantumImpact) Microsoft has launched a YouTube Series ‘Quantum Impact’ taking viewers into the field of quantum. This episode of Quantum Impact takes place at the University of Washington, one of Microsoft’s partners in the Northwest Quantum Nexus and home of the QuantumX initiative.

We recently spoke to their senior technologist Rob Fraser about the transformative impact of quantum computing. Some of the names are long-time staples, including IBM, which has made slow but steady progress toward quantum computing over the years and expects major advances during the next decade. Here at Microsoft, we have the world's leading team in post-quantum cryptography and security developing quantum-resistant algorithms. Assuming that healthcare providers can implement quantum-resistant encryption promptly, patients and providers may have greater peace of mind in a quantum world. Microsoft's is more than a tech company. Bei Microsoft verfügen wir über das weltweit führende Team im Bereich Post-Quantenkryptografie und -sicherheit, das an der Entwicklung von quantenresistenten Algorithmen arbeitet. Optimization Optimization. Das Quantenprogramm von Microsoft ist einzigartig, da wir uns auf die Skalierung jeder einzelnen Komponente des Systems konzentrieren, um echte Quantenvorteile zu liefern. It has had a profound global impact on cultures, communities, and governments around the world. Provide access to quantum computing through Azure Quantum, Microsoft’s cloud offering. Our host, Dr. Krysta Svore, general manager of quantum systems and software at Microsoft, sits down with Professor Kai-Mei Fu, an experimental physics researcher and professor focusing on advanced quantum … The series is hosted by Microsoft’s Dr. Julie Love and Dr. Krysta Svore.

Not only will personal data be better protected with next-generation security practices, but healthcare organizations will be able to prevent malicious activity and limit data breaches better than before. Azure Quantum is a full-stack, open cloud ecosystem.