Shulem Deen: Chasidic Schools Ensure Ignorance And Poverty The author's two teenaged sons are U.S. born and raised but can't speak, read or write English. Shulem Deen is the founding editor of, a journal for voices on the Hasidic fringe. His articles have appeared in The New … directed by … He lives in Brooklyn, N.Y. By Shulem Deen I’m Benny,” my East Village barber said to me the other week as I settled into his chair. Some reviewers say that he is not a good person, but I disagree. Author: “All Who Go Do Not Return” (Graywolf Press). Shulem Deen begins his memoir of the above name:. Articles in New York Times, New Republic, Forward, Tablet, Haaretz. Thetre Company Jerusalem present a play about the holocaust which was written by Gabriella Lev and created by her and by Ayellet Stoller. He fumbled with the cape’s snap behind my neck and looked at me in the mirror. He's an Ultra-Orthodox man who knows only one way of life. Autodidact. I’d only heard talk of them, hushed reminiscences of ancient episodes in the history of our half-century-old village, tales … His way of life and his … I wasn’t the first to be expelled from our village, though I’d never known any of the others. Read writing from Shulem Deen on Medium. Ex-Hasid. Writer. Shulem makes certain mistakes that drastically affect the lives of his family. Watch Shulem Lemmer Singing At The UN, 75 Years After The World War 2 And The Killing Of 6 Million Yidden. Shtisel's main character, Shulem Shtisel, is a recent widower who is the head of a very large extended family and his life, along with the lives of his children and grandchildren are shown. Shulem Deen is the author of "All Who Go Do Not Return," a memoir about growing up in, and leaving, the Hasidic world.