By conducting an online survey with 975 users from more than 20 public research universities across the United States, this study comparatively investigates how and why academic users use these two resources.…

Although studies have shown that urban environments and mass-transit systems have distinct genetic profiles, there are no systematic studies of these dense, human/microbial ecosystems around the world. Step 1: Access Google Scholar.

The h-index is sometimes referred to as the Hirsch index or Hirsch number.) Brown DM, Wilson MR, MacNee W, Stone V, Donaldson K. Size-dependent proinflammatory effects of ultrafine polystyrene particles: a role for surface area and oxidative stress in the enhanced activity of ultrafines. Google Scholar and academic library discovery systems are both popular resources among academic users for finding scholarly information.

Prospective studies using exploratory methods to define dietary patterns further supported that these dietary patterns favoring fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes at the expense of red meats, refined grains, and SSBs are beneficial for diabetes prevention. Cambridge University Press. D Krenzischeck, SM A, Frank, S KellyForced-air skin-surface warming vs. routine thermal care and core temperature monitoring sites J Postanesth Nurs, 10 (1995), pp. Charging and rate control for elastic traffic F. P. Kelly (Statistical Laboratory, University of Cambridge) . [Google Scholar] 51. 2014. Vol. Friends with benefit relationships (FWB) combine elements of ongoing friendship and physical intimacy. ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review 38, 3 (2008), 51--62. A (corrected) version is available as postscript or pdf (the corrected version includes a revised Section 4, co-authored with Ramesh Johari).. Abstract Google Scholar Digital Library; Frank Kelly and Elena Yudovina. e.g., an h-index of 25 means the researcher has 25 papers, each of which has been cited 25+ times. Google Scholar Digital Library; Frank Kelly, Gaurav Raina, and Thomas Voice. Locate the Google Scholar link on the Library website. This study examined the association between three commitment variables: … European Transactions on Telecommunications, volume 8 (1997) pages 33-37. 69-78 Google Scholar Although many studies have examined predictors of who are likely to enter these relationships as well as their outcomes, we do not know what relational factors are associated with FWB relationship outcomes. 48 – 53. Stability and fairness of explicit congestion control with small buffers.

Major knowledge gaps in the dietary prevention of diabetes. 2008. Stochastic networks. Google Scholar ) and summarize our recommendations in Box 2 . 2.