If you don't understand my post, please change your username: Zizek would. The Station was a large area, with room for many players to congregate. Feel free to hit me up with a challenge. That maybe the reason they havent done much, they have been porting to ps4 all the time! PvP was announced disabled on Space Stations, making them 'safe zones'. Now, this port works because in Minecraft and in other games, this works perfectly. The 2D sidescroller which is most commonly compared to Terraria has been in development for quite some time. Now it appears as though the team is gauging interest in a possible PlayStation port.

However, in Starbound, my friends can't connect. Should be noted that I'm on a Mac. Early in Starbound's development, the Space Station was effectively the player's Ship, an upgradeable structure that the player would populate with crew and creatures to train. Hint: more $$$$ to blow. In my router, I already have the port "25565" configured and port forwarded, and I like to use this port for all games. I do believe that Terraria has a mobile port now, so work out the why's and why I said that. Starbound, an indie game being developed by Chucklefish is getting a lot of attention lately. After what I have been reading, I guess v.1.0 will be out next month, so PS4 port can go! Hello everyone! Starbound on Xbox Update. You've no idea why they'd want to port to iOS / android? Katzeus posted on June 7th, 2019 in Dev Blog. Whether fans want to see it on the PS3, the PS Vita, or even the PS4 is up to them. I can connect if I use the IP "", but that's just because I'm the one hosting the server, I guess. Oh, and I have a copy of Living in the End Times right there on my desk if you want to play.