As you can see, I also have two normal user accounts as well. Starbound - Server Connection Issues Guide. you will ether need to host it off your home computer, and port forward, or set dmz..

high end dedicated servers cost money, so if you dont want to run on home machine, be prepaired to pay money for fast quality service.. (like my host). Now, if I add that to my starbound_server.config... it just defaults all my options (controls, sounds, the whole 9 yards). Uploading Starbound mods to your Server.

1.) Login to your server FTP. Welcome on the most popular server list and tracker for Starbound. This time, remove the ".txt" extension to return the file to the original "starbound_server.config" state. ‘guest’ with the shared non-admin password. From there, save the file, and once again, rename it.
Multiple users can log into the same account, so if you want a simple server password, you can create an account named e.g. Guides » Starbound - Server Connection Issues Guide. WHAT am I doing wrong here and WHY does this have to be so damn complicated Right click on the remote site and create a directory named mods. On the remote site, navigate inside the starbound directory. Create a server.. Here, you can see an example on my server. Find all the best …

Drag all of your client mods from [Steam Install Directory]\steamapps\workshop\content\211820 to your server's mods directory. Written by Istana Tepti / Aug 27, 2018 ... Well here is a trouble shooting guide for all your server based issues! Account Issues Account issues may very, but this is the only one I know of. If your using a router 2.) Enter the mods directory. Finally, return to "Game Services" using the navbar and restart your server.

In order to enforce login for all users, you’ll also need to set allowAnonymousConnections to false in your server’s starbound.config. That is what it looks like in my starbound.config, but whenever I try to log into my server with it, it says no such account or incorrect password.