I’ve managed to put up to some respectable numbers, including a 419 pound push press and a strict press of 320. I'll do my normal pyramid, strict press a single of a max, then push press 2 - 4 more reps. Sign in to make your opinion count. A favorite is a 3+3 scheme: 3 BTN strict press + 3 BTN push presses. We had a couple of bigger, non flexible guys where the numbers between all 3 weren’t much different (all around 180-200). But progress in these lifts hasn’t been easy. It is one of our four main training lifts. Improving your strength on it will lead to better shoulder development and pressing strength.But, it is also a difficult exercise to master and strengthen.You go in, day after day, week after week and building strength feels like something impossible.And no matter how hard you try, the annoying plateau doesn’t go away. Mine is 200/260/285 .. my strict press through out the rough percentages that others had, while others had a bigger jump between their push press and push jerk as well. While less experienced lifters may not have this same scapular and gleno-humeral control or stability, it’s important to understand where this finish position is and how to practice it. Like this video? Don't like this video? Sign in to make your opinion count. Novice An individual who has been training regularly for a period of 3-9 months. Each time you do them, add reps, working to 4+4 and then 5+5, before adding weight and starting the cycle over at 3+3 in your fourth workout. The Top 5 Accessory Lifts to Improve Your Strongman Press TAGS: Tricep Tri-Set , Overhead Dicks Press , Strongman Press , Z-Press , strict press , matt mills , dips In powerlifting we often see lifters push their accessory lifts to bring up their weak points for a main movement. Do a strict push-up, as described above, but with your hands farther out to each side, roughly 2.5 to three feet apart (the farther apart, the more difficult). The push press really doesn’t differ from the strict press too much but it does allow for the use of some lower body assistance. A Strict press; A Press using hip movement; A Push press; Push or Split Jerks ; But THE PRESS most often refers to a relatively strict, basic press, carried in front of you and pressed using only the upper body musculature. To acclimate my Triceps to get used to locking out that heavier weight. The only difference between the two is that the push press teaches you to use the energy from your hips to generate the beginning of the movement. The Push Press is similar to the strict press. Superset these with strict sub-maximum pull-ups (1-2 reps shy of failure) and your upper body will get very strong and blow up. Untrained An healthy individual who has not trained on the exercises before but can perform them correctly. The standing barbell shoulder press is an excellent exercise. Intermediate In time I've found that I can strict press the heavier weight for more reps. The barbell press, however, is a relatively basic movement pattern that most people can be taught to perform on their first day in the gym, even if it's just with an empty bar or a broomstick.