Having seen Cronenberg’s The Fly many times it was nice to go back to the inspiration & original. Directed by Kurt Neumann. Original title: Muha Alternative title: La mosca . The Fly from 1986 is one of my all time favorite movies.

You have the scientist playing god. Directed by Olly Williams. It was the perfect length & it was a nice touch to start what looks like a murder mystery & to flashback to unravel the web of a story. Fly uses Letterboxd to share film reviews and lists. This is certainly not that. David Cronenbergs Magnum Opus converts mainstream audiences by the droves to worship at the alter of the master of body horror! Directed by Ferenc Rófusz. The Fly 1986.

You have the love interest trapped between caring for the man she loves and realizing that said man has tampered with things man was not meant to know. Favorites: Carol (2015), Shoplifters (2018), Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019), Blue Jay (2016).

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Directed by David Cronenberg. The script, written by Mick Garris, Frank Darabont, Jim and Ken Wheat, gives narrative to one of the most anonymous and pedestrian movies I've ever seen. It is it's own thing and while I wish we got a little bit more of the practical effects, I was overall pretty happy with this one. But it never was going to be, and it didn't have to be. Chad Smith’s review published on Letterboxd: I'd forgotten just how much this plays like a 50s take on Frankenstein. The Fly 1967. Geena Davis is the reporter looking for the big story, chronicling Brundle's trials and tribulations. The Fly. But infact is a story about a genius who invents something that's too hot for him to handle, looks at his past with nostalgia, trying to preserve it and tries to work on improving himself. The fly is just a veil. The Fly. The Fly. Todd Russell’s review published on Letterboxd: Jeff Goldblum stars as a reclusive geek Seth Brundle who has unlocked the secret to teleportation, only he is struggling to make it work on live subjects. favourites stay tuned. Accolades from critics and audiences alike were pouring in making this the most heralded film in his gruesome repertoire not to mention a slam dunk at the box office with The Fly becoming the biggest commercial success story for the non-mainstream director! Alternative title: The Fly 1 . I really enjoyed this movie for what it was & attempted to do in 1958. It’s chilling finale was very effective.

The Fly 2014.

The Fly 1986 ★★★★½ . The Fly 1980.

The premise was well thought out with science & nature coinciding. The Fly 1958. Very … More than a sequel, The Fly II attempts to repeat David Cronenberg's movie formula.

Original title: A légy . The Fly.