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The Sand Pebbles is a 1966 American war film directed by Robert Wise in Panavision.It tells the story of an independent, rebellious U.S. Navy machinist's mate, first class, aboard the fictional river gunboat USS San Pablo, on Yangtze Patrol in 1920s China.. Your Rating: 0/10. The Sand looks like a good mix between Tremors and the beach instead of the desert.

Sand Trailers In Stock. I was looking for very cheesy moments in the trailer the whole time but found none. We have some of the finest sand trailers for sale around. The Sand Princess (2019) Recommendations. After an all-night graduation beach party, a group of hung-over twenty-somethings awake to a beating sun, and a seemingly carnivorous beach that devours anything with a heartbeat that touches the sand.

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Directed by Isaac Gabaeff. Isaac Gabaeffs The Sand (2015) definitely did not sound that appealing at first. After I watched the movie trailer, I like it.

The Sand releases on VOD and DVD this upcoming October 13, 2015. "Sand Castle" star Nicholas Hoult also appeared in the "X-Men" film series and "Mad Max: Fury Road." Dark. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water again, It is directed by Isaac Gabaeff. The film features Steve McQueen, Richard Attenborough, Richard Crenna, Candice Bergen, Mako, Simon Oakland, Larry Gates, and Marayat Andriane. Download The Sand Temple. If you have questions about the many hauling applications our Sand Trailers can perform, just let us know. Sand Castle (Trailer) Available to download.

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Movies Based on Real Life, British Movies, Action & Adventure, Military Action & Adventure, Dramas, Military Dramas, Independent Movies, Independent Action & Adventure. And, when you look at the film that way, it's actually even funnier.
Reviews: 3 users. A dry and breathy desert rhythm soon gives way to a majestic melody which leads further into dark ambiences and a choir swelling into mystery & mythology. With Brooke Butler, Cleo Berry, Cynthia Murell, Dean Geyer.

Our pneumatic sand trailer has been designed to handle the toughest of tasks. The Sand (2015) is a comedy, horror movie starring Brooke Butler and Cleo Berry.

Primary Details Cover Image Related Titles Cast Crew Genres Tags Release Information Production Information Report. Our pneumatic and vacuum trailers are in stock and ready to go! This is a movie featuring a bunch of 20-somethings playing the sand is lava. # of Watchers: 1,397.