Other templates are designed to be printed and used "as is." So helpful! Mail to your counselor. Sample Tutoring Contract (to be modified for your use) (Tutors, please note: I am not a lawyer and am not qualified to give legal advice. Download file - Download other useful tools! Feel free to modify it however you wish. Complete the enclosed Expense Reimbursement Log (ERL), sign, date and attach a copy of the log to the ERL. UP Template Version: 11/30/06 Page of 1/1/2001 • ID: A unique ID number used to identify the lesson learned in the lesson learned log.

By keeping an Activity Log for a few days, you can build up an accurate picture of what you do during the day, and how you invest your time. This log is used to keep a track record and evaluate the performance of the employees by entering various data such as start and ending time of particular job and number of hours spent on that particular job. Most non-modifiable documents are created in PDF (portable document format), a file format that has the advantage of maintaining all the formatting of the original document. Consumer Name and Address (or Case File Number) Month & Year Weekly Tutoring & Practicum Log Tutor Name Course Name Week # Tutee Name Time and Date 1) Read: Warm-up Book/Book Talk/Tutee Reads Book: “These Hands” by Jaret H. Mason This book tells the story of a young African American boy and his grandfather as they discuss the things that his grandfather used to be able to do with his hands. • Subject: This column should be populated with a brief attention grabbing headline that describes the subject of the lesson learned. make-it-fly.com. If you want to create a more legally binding contract, please Vertex42® provides many free spreadsheet templates and other printable charts, calendars, and schedules for educational purposes. 11+ Training Log Templates. Daily Activity Log Template. Here are some basic reasons to keep a training log such as recognize what it comes to a really fast, correct performance slumps, confirm patterns, build confidence, create motivation, be accountable, plan to get better and confirm goals.

About Activity Logs. You can make modifications, such as adding a specific name or date, after printing the product. Kupferberg Holocaust Center. When I start tutoring, I typically give the QRI, DSA, and a few other assessments to gauge the needs, but I love these handy forms to get input on attitudes and parent perspective too. Training log template is economical and usually the best tool to attain the best outcomes. Thanks for sharing, and I love your new design. Saving this post for later. Listed below are some of the templates designed specifically for teachers & students.To learn the basics of Excel, check out our new Excel Tutorials - created specifically for middle and high school students.. For Teachers It gives you an easiest way to keep a clear record of your entire workouts. Tutoring Log logon. first name * last name * Last 4 digits of your ID * * Logon to fill out Tutoring Log form . Note to Consumer: Please have your tutor fill out this form daily.

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People now days tend to use the log templates more frequently for attaining better results.

Follow our official Facebook page (@civilengineeringbible) and Twitter page (@CivilEngBible) and do not miss the best civil engineering tools and articles! An Activity Log (also known as an Activity Diary or a Job Activity Log) is a written record of how you spend your time. However, this is similar to the tutoring contract I have used in the past. Academic Enrichment Center Tutor Name _____ TUTOR LOG FORM Pay Period Ending _____ DATE TUTEE COURSE TUTORED # of hrs TUTEE'S SIGNATURE DROP-IN TUTORING Date Tutee's Signature Course TOTAL # of drop-in hours If you are going to join fitness classes then training log template is a very smart choice. Campus Cultural Centers. At the end of the month of service, have the tutor return the completed log to you. Using the lessons of the Holocaust to educate current and future generations about the ramifications of unbridled prejudice, racism and stereotyping.