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In general, you can take an elective inside or outside the Erasmus …

School of Creative Industries School of Education School of Health and Sport Sciences School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine See if your current qualification is recognised for entry into our programs and convert your current qualification score into an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) on our Academic Requirements page.. Discover the importance of occupation in everyday life. The University of South Australia encourages graduates to acquire broad concepts, knowledge and skills beyond those gained through their specialist professional study. Undergraduate Electives. Macquarie University's E-Learning Centre Of Excellence (MELCOE) is an international focal point for e-learning infrastructure and standards development. Course descriptions can be found in the University Bulletin.. Technical Electives available for Fall 2020: IE 306: Machining Process Design and Analysis – may be used as Technical if not being used as a Manufacturing Processing elective requirement This is achieved through the requirement that all students complete at least one elective as part of their undergraduate degree of study. Macquarie University Handbook 2018. Occupation goes beyond paid work to include all types of everyday activities, from self-care to hobbies. Step 2: Check the entry requirements.

Macquarie is at the leading edge of best practice in e-learning, and MELCOE is a recognised leader in implementing global standards and specifications for learning technology.

Find courses that interest you by searching our undergraduate courses.. The OCCU 2000 elective is an introductory course designed to provide students enrolled in other fields, such as science and the humanities, a glimpse into the world of occupational therapy.. Guide to the Undergraduate Handbook. It is your responsibility to read the handbook and to familiarise yourself with the requirements of your degree and Macquarie’s formal administrative procedures. Undergraduate Electives. As a student, you can take an elective at another degree programme or another university.

Undergraduate elective courses Elective courses allow you the freedom to tailor your program toward your personal or professional interests.

The Handbook of Undergraduate Studies contains the 2010 Macquarie University undergraduate teaching program and is a guide and reference for your studies at Macquarie..

Step 1: Research your course options. The Handbook is the official source of information about Macquarie University's undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies, and …