It looks like a normal home router. Es fácil de usar y ofrece todos los beneficios de UniFi para hogares y empresas. I tried setting up the dream machine yesterday & for the most part I got it working fine & it has a much greater range than my old setup which was Netgear Orbi with an old talktalk router acting as an access point. UniFi Dream Machine (UDM) es la forma más fácil de configurar una estructura UniFi en hogares y empresas. El UDM incluye todo lo que necesita para instalar y configurar una red cableada o Wi-Fi a pequeña escala. UniFi All-In-One. So far, these are the tasks they perform to support the UniFi network: Local DNS server (Pi-hole) Local NTP server (ntpd) Syslog server used by UniFi controller (rsyslog) Running the controller on an RPI is very common, but I run my controller on a CloudGey Gen2+. I currently run two Raspberry Pis on my home UniFi network. The UniFi Dream Machine (UDM) gives you everything you need for an UniFi network in one device.. In UniFi terms, it contains a controller, router, switch and access point.

Unifi Dream Machine: Deployment in a Small Office Just purchased the Dream Machine on the Canadian Site for personal use at home, I'm new to the Ubiquiti family thank all of you on this forum with your stories and suggestions. I bought a Unifi dream machine because I am converting my home to a smart home & need more access points than a normal router can provide.

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