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Skip to content. a) How fast is that now? The Big Rip says as the universe expands there will eventually reach a point where space has expanded so much that atoms will no longer hold together and will be torn apart. Universe Today.

That’s because galaxies aren’t moving away from each other through space — it’s space itself that is getting bigger. What happens when you get to the edge of the universe? Will the universe begin … How does the universe expand – explanation. Basically, I am unable to comprehend the meaning of expansion of time..... does it mean total quantity of time is increasing or does it mean that time is becoming less dense..... if latter, what is meant by density of time..... if density gets lean and thin, would it mean that we would need more time to do the same job? That is, the concentration of matter in the universe is decreasing as the universe expands, she said. Ballooning universe. It’s natural to wonder, is everything expanding? : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture Cosmic expansion stretches space itself, as if space were made of … What Does An Expanding Universe Really Mean? More Space Science Experiments for Kids. Discover how craters are formed on planets with this crater investigation. If the Universe follows the same rule, then as it expands entropy increases, but entropy per volume might be constant, or even decrease. Space and astronomy news.

What happens to the dots? Distant galaxies are moving away from us in all directions. As the Universe expands, Gravitation gets weaker: You can see that the Gravitational Constant is inversely proportional to the 4D radius of the Universe R_0. Continue reading "What’s Causing The Universe To Expand?" Unanswered Questions. The Universe is expanding. In fact, the expansion of space is not constrained by how fast it's moving. The balloon shows how the Milky Way is drifting apart. As the universe expands and expands faster than before every second then there will be a point when the matter inside it will not be able to produce enough heat and the universe will start getting colder and colder until the last star dies and the universe is nothing but a dark and cold grave. I know that sounds ridiculous, so let me give you a different example that is easier to understand. But how can the universe be expanding if there is no end or edge to it? What happens if the universe expands forever?

The universe is expanding at an ever-increasing rate. So the expansion of the universe is the stretching of space, and it's carrying the galaxies along for the ride, but any light, any signal or information from those galaxies can't travel faster than the speed of light. The balloon is a model of the universe which is constantly stretching outwards. Is the Milky Way expanding?

b) Presumably the limit will be the speed of light - what will happen then? As it stands, the gravity that holds galaxies together is strong enough to locally stop the expanding space. The universe doesn't have to be expanding into anything in order to expand. Posted on November 13, 2014 March 1, 2017 by Fraser Cain. According to NASA, after inflation the growth of the universe continued, but at a slower rate. Will the rate of acceleration slow down as we approach the speed of light or just suddenly stop? The entropy of a black hole is proportional to its surface area.

What’s Causing Th The density of matter decreases as the universe expands because the volume of space increases.