Known for its upbeat music and comedic characters there was one overall question: Will anyone ever find out that lead Miley Stewart is also teen pop sensation Hannah Montana? Disney is coming in hot in 2019, the all new release of Hannah Montana … Take this quiz and find out how well YOU know the show! Sweet Niblets: Hannah Montana Returns to Disney Channel By: Brianna McHugh That’s right! Rico Suave Jr. was one smart, sassy, and, uh, suave dude on Hannah Montana.Perhaps you remember this stolen kiss from Season 2's "Me and Rico Down by the School Yard"? When Hannah Montana premiered on Disney Channel in 2006 the series became an instant hit, doing not just excellently in terms of ratings, but also in selling the show's soundtrack and merchandise. Lilly Truscott: Oh, great idea, I'll call her [takes out cell phone] Hannah Montana: [closes door] No! Rico's Surf Shop Challenge. Answer questions about her show and music to see if u know hannah montana. For example on season 1 he introduced himself to Miley's crush. In a realistic world, anyone who knew who Robby was (specially Rico, who was the closest person that didn’t know the secret) would gathered these two clues and found out …

What is Miley's last name (in the show ONLY)? Miley and Lilly's Designer Dreams. Hannah Montana: [spreads clothes on coat rack and steps through it, then she runs to the door and opens it] Right! Hannah Montana Poster Sweep. Jammin' With Hannah. There is plenty to do before rocking up to that stage, and your help will come in handy.

Die-hard Hannah Montana fans can finally rejoice! He is a trickster who is great at getting revenge (most of the time). Our online hannah montana trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top hannah montana quizzes.

The secret is out, Hannah Montana is back on Disney Channel. We just asume he does since he did narrate a few episodes, a big one being the episode where Miley reveals that she is Hannah Montana. What family member of Hannah passed away?

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Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. Who does Hannah have a crush on? Live the double life of the teenage pop star while playing the most popular Hannah Montana Games!

Well then, why don't you go get her. Who is Hannah's brother? ... Do U Know Hannah Montana . There is no actual episode because Rico doesn't really know. Now consider that Hannah's fans are from a completely different generation, never mind musical genre. Which character leads a double life?
Hannah Montana Games. Then on season 2 he referred to himself as Hannah's father at an award show. In one of the episodes where olliver and jakson sell food and rico tries so find out the secret recipe.

He and Jackson have an off and on friendship. answer questions about her show and music to see if u know hannah montana. Hot Shot Photo Pro. Rico Suave, Jr. (born May 30, 1994) is the manager of his shop, an outdoor consession stand located on the beach near the Stewarts' home. How many names does Hannah have all together (including in real life)? Hannah Montana : Frequently Asked Questions This category is for questions and answers related to Hannah Montana, as asked by users of What food is it? Take this quiz!

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