Some primitive campsites have no facilities. However, once you’re at the bottom all is forgotten as you’ve just completed one of the toughest hikes in Yosemite! The summit is like a huge wide rock slab, and I couldn’t really find a good place to get a picture. We're Cat and Joe, two travel fanatics from the U.K. We both caught the travel bug on solo trips in 2003 and have been hopelessly addicted ever since. El Capitán State Beach offers visitors a sandy beach, rocky tidepools, and stands of sycamore and oaks along El Capitán Creek. It’s a perfect setting for swimming, fishing, surfing, picnicking and camping. All sites are $45, even the sites with beach views. The first part of the trail mirrors the Upper Yosemite Falls hike. Beach wheelchairs are available for use by the public with no cost. Let us know in the comments below! The trail is best used from May through October or early November, depending on snow levels. Overall (coming from someone who has hiked a fair bit of Yosemite) the trail itself isn’t the most exciting, but still extremely rewarding and awesome to say you’ve hiked to the top of El Cap. Unless you’re super fit, be sure to take some breaks as you’ll need energy for the rest of the hike. The lower section of the track is in forest, but after about half way the trail opens up to stunning views of the valley: at first facing Half Dome and then the Sentinel as you turn the corner. Definitely would do again with poles! It’s the upper Yosemite falls trail. El Capitan State Beach. We meant to, but started the trail at the wrong place (don’t ask!). The peak is located just east of El Capitan, and was described by John Muir has having the “most comprehensive of all the views” available from the north wall. We (M+F, both mid 30s, active-ish) summited in ~5 hours, picnicked for an hour while chatting with a duo of climbers, and looked for the impossible selfie that properly captures the awe. Archived. The hiking community is on pins and needles in anticipation of your review. We were visiting in the fall and this was the only place we could refill our water bottles. Only go as far as you feel comfortable knowing that every step you make downhill you have to come back up again! The El Capitan hike: the views from Eagle Peak, Read next: The best hikes in Death Valley National Park.