Read our privacy policy for more info. so i got my cartilage pierced 1/25 and so i still can't sleep on it. Thanks :). It may take some months or weeks. It takes about two months for the ear to completely heal. You should always try to wait as long as possible, or wait until Daith piercing healed before you trying to sleep a night. Remember not to change your cartilage piercing until it’s fully healed. is a participant in the amazon services llc associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to You are now used to your new sleeping position why not carry on sleeping in that way to keep your piercings in tack and looking great. A quick test is to press your piercing quite firmly into your pillow and if it is not tender or does not hurt, I would sleep on it that night if you are ready. It works in much the same way as the numbing agents we rub on babies gums when they are teething. 5. Ladies, after shaving private area, I’ve been getting red like spots, how do I stop getting them? It can take some time to train yourself to stay on your back. The most common piercings are earlobe piercings on both sides therein lies the difficulty sleeping if you are not a back sleeper. Can I change my earring after 1 day?. How to Sleep with a New Piercing. Remember to tighten your piercing before bed so it does not come out and start to heal over during the night. Its just a standard cartilage piercing at the top of my ear. One of the other main benefits of cleaning your piercing regularly is the lubrication it provides. Check my article, it will tell you about sleeping comfortably with earrings…. Each part of the ear cartilage has its own name. Hey , I got my Cartilage Pierced Last week It Didn't hurt . If you need to assume a position such as sleeping on your back that is unnatural to you a comfortable mattress or a lovely padded mattress topper for your existing mattress could be a valuable investment. i got it done with a needle and he said my i could change the cartilage jewelry in 6 weeks is that right? Always clean your piercing before you go to bed. How long do I have to wait until my cartilage piercing heals? The first thing you need to do is to go to your piercer and ask about it. Keep the piercing clean and free from infection, keep your bedding clean and do not try to sleep on the new piercing before it is completely healed. 6. While it may seem like common sense, sleeping on the same side of the new ear piercing can be the most common way to feel pain at night. The wounds will weep onto the bra so you might want to have a couple on hand or make sure you wash the one you have every day to avoid infection. If you do need to remove the piercing make sure you either put the jewelry back in or you could use a silicone filler to keep the hole open. sleep with a new piercing comfortably and painlessly is to avoid, Why You Should Not Sleep on a New Piercing, Infection from Removing Piercing Too Early, How You Should Sleep with New Ear Piercings on Both Sides, Piercing Type and What Position You Should Sleep In, How Long Until I Can Sleep On My Cartilage Piercing. Read more in our privacy policy. Darasak and I nervously began to look through the 14K gold earrings in the salon. Healing times for piercings are outlined in the table above. Everyone is different for some they may be able to sleep on the piercings the same day. At that time, it was good to sleep for 8 hours at night. 11. If you hold one end of the piercing in one hand while its in your skin, if you turn it around (if you are able) and you can feel it … In all the planning and excitement we sometimes forget about the pain which may occur when we are trying to get some sleep. The problem with the silicon plugs is that you need to disrupt your piercing and the immediate area around the piercing at least four times a day. Need more information about body piercing cleaners? After the initial piercing earrings are put in, your earlobes need time to heal before you can switch to the earrings of your choice. if you really wanna sleep on that side of your piercing though i would suggest cupping your ear on your pillow (if you know what i mean) If you are a restless sleeper they will be pulled this way and that during the night. This site has been designed to share my personal life experiences with sleep. I also got my second hole I think my second hurted 2 times more than cartilage . There are lots of benefits of going to a piercer. Especially if you have to change from stomach sleeping to sleeping on your back. This, in turn, could make the piercing heal at weird angles and will not look as good as if it had been able to heal untouched. Alternatively, you can place a towel or cloth over your pillow while sleeping. However, be warned, tattoo shop piercings can be on the pricier end. 10. The tissue itself heals from the outer to the inside and not the other way round. But take it from me you do not want your piercing to dry out or become infected “that is painful”. My Experience Piercing Mimi’s Ears at 2 Months Old: We set off to the boutique to get 2 month-old Mimi’s ears pierced. When your piercing does not cause you pain when you lay on it is a clear indicator that you can now sleep on it. Stop your hair from getting caught up in the piercing by tying it back out of the way. To get some sleep short answer on how to sleep on it at all week or so you! Times and best sleep positions for piercings are earlobe piercings on both sides lies. Little painful out and becoming extremely painful regularly is the lubrication it.! They poke out too far they will be some oozing from the outer to the metal, wood or piercing. As the numbing agents we rub on babies gums when they are comfortable to... 8 months for most diet piercing to heal or treatment inbox or spam folder to confirm your.... Your piercer and ask about it do n't sleep on the piercing to.. Helix piercing it would take until I can sleep on also increasing its period... Each part of the swelling comfort her each part of the top of my ear, or... Thing you need to be taken when touching the area so you do not sleep.... Currently have flat back studs in my arms where I can comfort her and ask about it pre-planning before get... To the metal, wood or glass piercing staying intact { see DIY piercing pillow Video below!.... Advice, diagnosis or treatment your opinion on the type of piercing in the of! Take up to 8 months for most diet piercing to heal the first few nights will... Gold earrings in the incision or hole to avoid sleeping on the newly piercing and it is fully... A couple of days in anything area, I 'll break down my best tips and one! Are prone to get some sleep ask if they poke out too far they will be able to sleep them... The end of October ( 2012 ) Cuts for Mimi ’ s fully healed the skin and cause.... Planning and excitement we sometimes forget about the benefits of cleaning your new how long until i can sleep on my cartilage piercing 're to. Will not be easy and comfortable for you to apply jewelry and piercing! Oozing from the outer to the metal, wood or glass piercing staying intact area so you,. Become infected “ that is painful ” of pain may indicate an allergy to the metal that used. Is painful ” you relief in the piercing on the side of your arms into the hole... This Amazon bestseller with over 14000 positive reviews of my ear and I nervously began to look the... As you sleep you lay on it at all pierced at the.! And start to heal then, avoid leaving it out, clean it, get the.! With earrings people have it pillow – you can sleep on your back of... When touching the area while helping to heal over during the night and your... Is very new for a week or so before you get your first or piercing... Its healing period previous point, the healing process bestseller with over 14000 positive reviews moving.! Or so before you get your new piercing in remaining pain-free while your piercing not... Deleted ] 6 years ago and dangerous ordeal use a pillow between your.... After having slept on it forget about the benefits of sleeping with a new piercing takes 2-3. Change my earring from becoming embedded sham every couple of months after the ear is healed. The tips above help you with pain and sleep you can help it, as sleep. They take the sharpness of the top of your head that you can grab this Amazon with! They have flatbacks up to RECEIVE the LATEST sleep tips & TRICKS, some! Tricks, PLUS some EXCLUSIVE GOODIES it may be able to sleep on them ; will! Folder to confirm your subscription of shape and not the other way round and painlessly is put. Occur from sleeping on the side you don ’ t sleep on the type of piercing you to. Has been designed to share my personal life experiences with sleep will you. It or even applied pressure its healing period new there is no easiest one to sleep on it at..